Employee Benefits 

Attracting the best talent in your industry is the cornerstone for any small business to be competitive. A sound, well-managed employee benefits program is vital to that process. Most small business owners are stretched to the limit managing the day to day operations. With Atlas Benefits you add a new dimension and great support to your programs.

Atlas Benefits will help you recruit and retain quality employees by setting you up with an affordable and attractive employee benefits package.

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  •  Dental

  •  Vision

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  •  Life Insurance

Voluntary Benefits 

These programs are designed to provide the opportunity for business of all sizes to level the playing field and offer benefits a la cart that can be paid for by the employee on a pre-tax basis saving the employer the payroll tax and no cost to the employer.

  • Dental

  • Life

  • Vision

  • Accident

  • Disability

  • Cancer

Wellness Programs

There’s a lot of buzz in today’s employee benefits world about wellness programs. Using a wellness program is a great way to help your employee population improve their health. They keep your employees healthy, improve your company culture, and create a fun & cooperative work environment.

The Affordable Care Act actually allows for companies to give employees incentives who participate in their wellness programs, and some insurance companies will actually discount your premiums for employees who are participating in the program.

For a wellness program to be successful, employees have to be engaged and the engagement must come from the top down. As a business owner, if you and your executives are not willing to take part and get behind the program, it will not succeed. Employees simply will not take part if they do not see the company’s leadership taking part as well.

If a wellness program sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us today to set up a wellness evaluation meeting.

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